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We offer customized solutions for customs clearance, adapted to different regimes, simplifying import and export processes. Our Port Operations, Maritime Operations, Freight Forwarder and full logistic offshore services guarantee safety and efficiency in maritime and port operations, meeting market requirements.





With strategically located storage centers, we guarantee maximum security and operational efficiency at every stage of logistics. Count on us to optimize your operations, reduce costs and boost your business.



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Matriz – Rio de Janeiro

Av. Rio Branco, 01 | 1307
Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CEP. 20090-003
+55 21 3418-1780

Base – Rio de Janeiro

R. Mons. Manoel Gomes, 310
Caju – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CEP. 29045-402
+55 21 3418-1780

Filial – Vitória

Av. N. Sra da Penha, 2796 | 807
Santa Luiza – Vitória – ES
CEP. 29045-402
+55 27 98127-2000

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